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25 - 27 JUNE, 2024


Congratulations on being chosen as a speaker for the Online Scrum Master Summit 2024! We are so happy you agreed to contribute to our summit and we look forward to having you present and being an important part of the summit. This page is a resource for all conference details and logistics. Please make sure to read the information carefully so you won’t miss any details.

Do you have further questions? Please see the FAQ at the bottom of the page.
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Summit information

  • Presentations take place Tuesday till Thursday, 25-27 June.
  • Once we have scheduled your session, you will receive the information about date and time by email. 

  • Either/both Esther or/and a volunteer will join you during your session as facilitator/co-host.

  • Only workshop-sessions can use breakout rooms. We do invite you to engage your audience by making your session interactive in anyway. 
  • If desired, we will plan some time the week prior to the summit to go through the technical testing and the details of your presentation and you will be able to ask questions. We will reach out to you to schedule a time.

Session Length(s) and Type(s)

  • All sessions will be in English. Make sure both your materials and your spoken presentation is in English.

  • Sessions will be max 60 minutes in length. Please leave some time for questions. If you run out of time to answer questions, please revert them to the online Agile Pro's community where they can ask their questions for you to respond to.

  • Your presentation will be recorded for the attendees who bought the VIP All-Access-Pass.

  • Your handouts will be added to the VIP All-Acces-Pass
  • Please join the zoom invite 15 minutes prior to your session. A team member of the summit will be there as well. Please use this time to check your connection, solve any technicalities and ask any questions so we are ready once the attendees start dropping in.

  • To join your session, you will receive the zoom link by email prior to your session.

Cover slide

  • We will set up a cover slide which will be shown at the beginning of your presentation with your name and  presentation title. This way the attendees know which presentation is coming up and it will be a clear start for the recordings.

Presentation materials

  • Make sure the display settings are set to 16:9.
  • Please send us your presentation handouts for a review no later than Tuesday 4 June EOD.

Presentation and Handout Submission

  • Please send us your final handouts no later than Thursday 13 June EOD.
  • Please submit your slides and handouts in PDF/PPT format.
  • Submit your presentation and handouts by email to

Handouts and presentations will be made available to attendees who have purchased the VIP All-Access-Pass, after the summit. All PowerPoints will be shared in a PDF format.

Virtual Presentation Tips

If you decide to use PowerPoint, here are some creation tips:

  • Limit the number of slides.

  • Limit the amount of information on each slide.

  • Do not use more than four colors in your presentation.

  • Avoid red letters, which are difficult for some people to read.

  • Rehearse your presentation prior to the conference.

  • If you have experience with Mural or Miro, we motivate you to use that instead of PowerPoint!


  • Set up your webcam at eye-height. Facing the camera face-on creates the best connection with your audience.
  • We recommend doing your presentation standing up, it creates a fun dynamic! In that case make sure the webcam is at the right height and not too far away, so you are still audible and visible.
  • Look at the camera while you’re talking and not the screen.
  • Be mindful of the background. Try to sit/stand in front of a nice-looking background without clutter, distractions or embarrassing items. Another option is to use a background filter.
  • Make sure there is plenty of light in the room. Do not put the light behind, above, or below you to avoid shadows in the face.
  • Avoid being in front of windows.
  • If you have one, use a microphone or a headset rather than relying on the computer to capture the sound.
  • Speak clearly and turn off anything that makes loud noises in the room.

Presentation content

  • Introduce yourself briefly, don't take on it for too long as it doesn't add much value to the participants.
  • Make sure the presentation adds value to the audience: Scrum Masters.
  • Please have an actionable item for the scrum masters to work with right away.

We want you to have a successful experience at Online Scrum Master Summit. We kindly ask you to promote your participation as one of our valued speakers and thought leaders. Spread the word! In the upcoming weeks, we will send you some content through e-mail which you can use.

Social Media Tips

  • Link to the OSMS central home page: OSMS Homepage
  • Attach one of the graphic images to your post which is send to you by e-mail.
  • Use our official hashtag! #OSMS24

Everyone who signs up can join our Agile Pro’s Community: the community for all participants and speakers of the Online Scrum Master Summit. This group is designed to connect with one another, learn from each other, and share valuable insights and resources related to Scrum, Agile and the Online Scrum Master Summit. We encourage members to participate in discussions, share their knowledge and expertise, and make meaningful connections within the community.

The online community is at LinkedIn. We also encourage you as speaker to start discussions and share in the group.

Click here for the link and join our Agile Pro's Community!

We have lots of other inspirational speakers and of course we would like to invite you to attend other speakers’ presentations. Or connect with them within the Agile Pro's Community.

You will have free access to all the replays of the sessions. Please visit this website and claim your VIP All-Access-Pass which gives you access to all presentations, presentations handouts and a valuable toolkit. 

How to claim your free VIP pass:

  • Click here: Claim VIP Pass
  • If you are having trouble, please contact us by sending an email to

The organizers can be reached at:

Speaker co-leads Anita & Lorraine:

Marketing lead Jeannie:

Main host Esther:

Virtual Assistant Debby:


Esther +31 6 53 17 85 84

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