Online scrum master summit

20 - 24 June 2022

The Online Scrum Master Summit is a live virtual event

Join us for a week full of inspiration

Hello there, Scrum Masters, join us for our online Scrum Master Summit! A live virtual event.

No matter how experienced you are as Scrum Master, you are in the right place to learn from other agile experts. During the Scrum Master Summit you can attend 20 sessions with 20 speakers from all over Europe to get tips, tricks and techniques that will help you further in your role as Scrum Master. Get inspired and step up a level in your role as Scrum Master.

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Why you should join the Online Scrum Master Summit

It's an online event!

Help your team become high performing

20 speakers from around Europe

Connect with other Agilists in our Agile Pro's Community

Learn how to make impact as a Scrum Master

No need to travel

5 Days full of inspiration

Grow in your role as Scrum Master

Get actionable techniques to take back to your team

Attend 20 interesting and inspiring talks

Get awesome ideas for your retrospectives

No registration fee! It is completely free

With 20 great Agile speakers from around Europe

Esther Schmit

OSMS22 organizer & Agile Coach

Ingrid Manasse

Agile Coach & Trainer

Bianca Westerdijk & Maggie Rutten

Agile Organization Coach

Evelien Roos

Professional Knowledge Sharer

Don Ewart

Agile Coach

Anouk Goedhart

Scrum Enthousiast & (Team)coach

Mark Robinson

Public speaking trainer and coach

Lorraine Ho

Human Connector

Natascha Speets

Course Director & Agile Coach

Amparo Correa

Scrum Master / Agile Coach & Trainer

Liz Krebbers

Scaled Agile Coach
OSMS22 Speaker Sebastiaan Laurijsse

Sebastiaan Laurijsse

Innovation Manager

Nancy Beers

Happy Game Changer

Edina Toric

Agile Coach

Tadej Accetto

Agile Coach
OSMS22 Speaker Jasper Wijk

Jasper Wijk

Business Consultant

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A week full of inspiration, tips and techniques

Lots of inspiration

We've put together a great timeline with inspiring speakers who can’t wait to share their expertise and perspective on Agile and Scrum with you.

You will get inspiring talks with insights you can use in your role as Scrum Master. You can apply the gained knowlegde in any of your Scrum Master roles; as coach, as mentor, as teacher or as facilitator.

Grow in your role as Scrum Master!

Connect with peers

Connecting with like-minded people is one of the most important things in being a Scrum Master. It's not an easy job and you're often out there alone.

You can learn from other Scrum Masters, our speakers and other Agile professionals who signed up for the summit by joining us in the
Agile Pro's Community.

Many tips & techniques

How to give good feedback? How can you improve communication with the team and PO? Could your coaching skills use a boost? Understandable questions.

Whether you are a Scrum Master with years of experience or just starting out, your contribution to the team is very important and valuable. Tips, tricks and techniques to improve this contribution and make it even more fun? That is what you will get!

Grow in your role as Scrum Master

Connect with like-minded agilists from around Europe in our Agile Pro's Community.

Everything you learn you can use with your team right away.

Make an impact by implementing your new gained knowledge

Are you ready?

Schedule 20 - 24 June 2022

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Monday 20 June

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"Opening and Grow as a Scrum Master"

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"Unleashing Retrospective super powers"

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"How to give a persuasive presentation that results in action!"

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Tuesday 21 June

Wednesday 22 June

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"Using Brain Science in your Scrum Events"

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“How 7 Dimension of Complex Change got us to RIO”

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"Scrum Masters, the stage is yours. Own it!"

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Thursday 23 June

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"Grow your emotional agility"

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"4 Must have qualities as a scrum master"

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"Transforming Resistance Into Collaboration"

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Friday 24 June

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"Why I’m taking a Scrum Master role after 6+ years of agile transformation"

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"NLP voor Scrum Masters"

In Dutch only!

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"Growing with your Scrum team"

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When and where to follow the Online Scrum Master Summit

20 - 24 June 2022

9:00 / 11:00 / 13:00 / 15:00

Behind your laptop

Completely free!

Online Scrum Master Summit

Register now for the Online Scrum Master Summit 2022 and make sure you don't miss it!

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Online scrum master summit

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