Online scrum master summit

19 - 23 JUNE, 2023

The Online Scrum Master Summit will be back in 2023

5-day virtual conference for Scrum Masters

No matter how experienced you are as Scrum Master, you are in the right place to learn from other agile experts. During the Online Scrum Master Summit you can attend several sessions with speakers from all over Europe to get tips, tricks and techniques that will help you further in your role in the world of Agile. Get inspired and step up a level in your role as Scrum Master.

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The Online Scrum Master Summit happened in June, 2022. 

Join the VIP list to be the first to know when you can get your free ticket for the second edition of the summit in 2023!

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Esther Schmit

Main host & Owner of Agile Pro Center

Why you should join the Online Scrum Master Summit

It's an online event!

Attend interesting and inspiring talks

Connect with other Agilists in our Agile Pro's Community

Grow in your role as Scrum Master

No registration fee! It is completely free

No need to travel

Learn how to make impact as a Scrum Master

5 Days full of inspiration

Get actionable techniques to take back to your team

Speakers from around Europe

Help your team become high performing

Get awesome ideas for your retrospectives

"Being exposed to concepts and modes of being agile I've never experienced. Brain science, agile games, systems thinking and so much more."

- Tosin Jemilusi, attendee OSMS 2022


Would you be interested in participating as a speaker?

Then we might be looking for you! Please fill out the form by clicking on the link and we will get in touch with you as soon we have reviewed your application.

Or do you have any recommendations? Your colleague, your friend or perhaps your neighbor? Let them know about OSMS and let them fill out the application form!

Lots of inspiration

This year again we will put together a great timeline with inspiring speakers. Get advice and insights from experienced Scrum and Agile practitioners. Are you being a coach? Or perhaps a mentor or facilitator? You can apply the gained knowledge in any of your Scrum Master roles.

Our summit is a great learning opportunity. Grow in your role as Scrum Master!

Many tips & techniques

You wish to get engagement from your team and having them the right mindset. Empowering your team and avoiding organizational resistance to Agile transformations. 

Your contribution to the team is very important and whether you are a Scrum Master with years of experience or you are settling into your new role, there is a lot to learn. Receive tips, tricks and techniques and bring more value to your team and client.

Connect with peers

Connecting with like-minded people is one of the most important things in being a Scrum Master. It's not an easy job and you're often out there alone.

Improve your Scrum practice by learning from others as well during the summit as in the Agile Pro's Community. Sign up for the community and get in touch with other Agile enthusiastic people. 

Grow in your role as Scrum Master

Connect with like-minded agilists from around Europe in our Agile Pro's Community

Everything you learn you can use with your team right away

Make an impact by implementing your new gained knowledge

Online Scrum Master Summit

5-day Virtual Conference for Scrum Masters


The summit runs from Monday 19 June until Friday 23 June 2023.

Be the first to know when you can get your free ticket for the second edition in 2023. Pre-register now!

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